Encouraging physical activity among children in kindergartens? Our play promotes active learning through games! Do you face challenges in accommodating different learning styles in your kindergarten? Our adaptable games offer personalized learning solutions! Are you looking for ways to prolong children's attention during lessons? Our interactive content and visual projections keep their focus! Tired of the same old teaching methods in kindergartens? Our range of educational games brings excitement and variety to learning!


Try to stay on the islands while they travel forever. Be careful not to fall into the abyss between the islands.

Floating islands

Depending on the chosen difficulty, jump over 2 to 6 islands to get to the other side.

Walk the line

After choosing the desired look of the beam, slowly cross it without falling off it.


Jump one stone at a time from the lowest number to the highest.


Choose the desired look of the labyrinth and try to get through it as quickly as possible.


Throw the ball and hit the target, causing it to spawn in another location.


Throw the ball to shoot the balloons of your color. The game is intended for two.


It's time for a workout. Copy animal movements.

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